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No more meal plans. No short term challenges. Not just “burning calories.” Eat well. Move well. Assessment, Prescription, Education. OBVY.

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OBVY Health

The long game

Play with the grandkids. Travel when you’re “old.” Avoid chronic disease. Live well.

Do you know your body composition numbers? When is the last time you had a blood draw… and do you know what it means? What is your nutritional focus and how does it impact not only your body composition goals but your long term health as well? OBVY Health is here to help.


An effort to better individual health through educational program and targeted strategies…

Movement education

People today spend much of their time sitting in chairs and staring at screens. Much of it is unavoidable… This makes it extremely important that they learn how to correct the consequences of poor positions: poor movement, mobility and stability.


What we eat, when and how often is extremely important, not only for body composition, but for general metabolic health. Unfortunately, the health and fitness world has no shortage of programs that only help the already healthy shed a few pounds of fat… Our programs develop a healthy metabolic system, which aids in sustainable fat loss but also remediates various other health concerns.

Virtual Training

Not just another bootcamp style mobile app… OBVY Private Training  Track takes members through strength and conditioning work that can be done at most any big box gym or even at home. Video content covers movement modifications and even therapeutic elements so as to ensure safe and continued improvement.

Workplace wellness

Many employers don’t know what to do for workplace wellness and end up spending their annual budgets on water bottles, t-shirts and gift cards. OBVY knows how to deploy employee health programs that yield powerful results; improving health metrics, morale, productivity, presenteeism and much more.


Of all the benefits great health can bring, an active, quality lifestyle is at the top of the list. No need to feel tired, out of shape, or just incapable of participating in anything life has to offer… Take control of your nutrition, fitness and health and bring freedom to your life.


All we need is our health, they say… But that is the one thing the majority of Americans don’t have. Good health is not the absence of crisis. It is not even the lack of need to see a physician. Good health is not even being on the path toward bad health. Own and understand your path… Ensure you ward off illness and disease as long as humanly possible.


85% of healthcare expenditure is related to issues that could have been avoided via adjustments to lifestyle (nutrition and movement). Most Americans seek to save a very small amount of money today that ends up exposing them to astronomical cost in the future… for both themselves and the rest of the us.

Our Results Speak for Themselves...

Our original 18 participants in the 8 Week Metabolic Reset Program achieved:

Improved Blood Panel

– 33% Mediam Reduction in Triglycerides

– 7.5% Median Reduction in HbA1c

– 31% Median Reduction in VLDL


Most individuals are tied to food more-so than they realize. Their mood and their daily schedule often hinge on whether they are hungry or when they have last eaten. Participants all stated that following the program was easy… they weren’t hungry and they lost their cravings for sugary foods.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

All participants saw an increase in blood oxidation levels and all saw a betterment in blood pressure, with one participant even able to eliminate medication!

Workplace Productivity

Many employees find productivity and focus difficult to sustain, especially after lunch. OBVY participants discovered a sense of focus and consistency of energy levels that allowed them to accel at work. This not only improved their mood and morale, but was a significant benefit for their employers as well!

our clients…

kinda like us…

Christie Payne

OBVY Health Changed My Life

In March of 2017 I walked into OBVY at almost 300 pounds, and slightly terrified by the thought of attempting anything “nutrition” or “fitness”. I played sports as a kid, but hadn’t been active for most of my adult life and I knew I wasn’t eating very well. I had tried multiple things in the past, but nothing ever worked.

Its been a little over two years since I started this program, and to date I have lost 110 pounds and gained so much more; strength, confidence and the belief that I can do anything I wish. It might sound dramatic, but OBVY has given me my life back.

True Believer

Anonymous Survey Response

After completing the 8 week program, I am a changed person. I feel like this is just the way I eat now. The hardest part was starting, but once I got into the routine, it became so easy to follow.

8 Week Reset Participant

Anonymous Survey Response

I was very surprised and happy with how good I felt on this program. I had more energy, and was able to perform better at work. I had multiple unplanned personal issues during the challenge and I was able to handle them all better than I could have imagined. I also had been having unexplained body aches for 9-12 months prior which had led me to rely on pain medication. I am happy to report that it has disappeared!

8 Week Reset Participant