Our program benefits your employees by enhancing well-being through potent and effective nutrition prescriptions, which in turn, yields positive changes in individual health metrics, employee mood, productivity, healthcare costs, and absenteeism.

It also benefits YOU by reducing insurance risk and cost. 

Our Mission

The world of nutrition and health is filled with conflicting information, at best, and utter nonsense, at worst. It is our mission to provide our challengers with the most valuable, actionable information, upon which to build a healthy lifestyle that promotes optimal body composition and avoidance of metabolic syndrome and chronic disease.

Our Goal

To improve the metabolic and overall health of over 25,000 challengers by the end of 2019.

Partner With Us.

Follow our challenge, change your life… Shout your great results to the world, most specifically your friends and family. Send them our way and help us reach our goal of improving the health of over 25,000 people by the end of 2019.